A proper use for Tasker

Tasker is an Android automation app that existed since pretty much forever. I bought it back when I had an HTC Desire but never found a good use for it.

Fast forward to 2017 and a Pixel phone: one day I start my car and am struck by inspiration: The car speakers are quiet, which has been the case ever since I digitised my entire CD collection and got rid of it. I was mostly using a streaming music service, anyway. But that service wasn’t coming through my speakers right now.

Why was my car quiet? I definitely had the Bluetooth capable audio system installed. It was sheer human laziness. When you enter a cold car wearing gloves, or are in a rush, the last thing you want to do is start fumbling with your phone.

I really can’t explain why it took me so long to realize I need to automate this, but oh it’s so good now. Bluetooth detected -> open music app -> wait 2 seconds -> media play and my life is more upbeat. Or downbeat, if Nick Cave.

I added a follow up, orientation vertical + screen unlocked + bluetooth connected -> open satnav (I don’t know why I’m avoiding a brand name, both are owned by Google). Afterwards, I was sitting with my partner in the car, and put the phone in its cradle. I made a small magic gesture with my hand and kazam! The app opened of itself to my partner’s astonishment.

This is so simple. This doesn’t require anything beyond the most basic tinkering. This was available to me – and colleagues I talked to who set up smart homes or just do amazing stuff for a living – but none of us actually did it for the longest time. Like me and blogging.

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