On Hovercouches & Pioneers

Building a hovercouch is easier than you’d think; You just have to be the first to do it. Will you survive the long story of how it came to be, only to be rewarded by a puny 320×240?

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Google’s Soft Spot

Google’s next challenge could be making friends.

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How to Become a Problem Solver

Who do you turn to when you have trouble? The Ghost Busters? How about some self reliance? How about less question marks in this excerpt?

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Desktop Backup: Traditional, and Torrent-Like

Backup is important. We don’t think much about backing up our desktop – but we should. So how should we do it?

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From Zero to WordPress, in One Week

A small story of conquest.

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AI should stand for Aggregated Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is commonly thought of as a set of practices mimicking the human brain. However, recent history shows us that there is a better approach, facilitating human-generated data and aggregating it in a meaningful way.

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Robots aren’t what we expected

Humanity still waits for R2D2 and C3PO to knock at its doors. There are other robots, though, that have been amongst us since the dawn of mankind. Changing percpectives about robots allows a holistic, continuous view of their evolution.

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Has Someone Already Done It?

Searching for a product you’ve just envisioned and might not exist at all can be a tricky task. I might have a few tips for you, though.