Startup Weekend Tel Aviv

My appreciation, or should I say disappointment, with Startup Weekend.

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Negotiating like Chuck Norris

Not all negotiations should look like a carpet-haggle at a bazaar.

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The Future of Thrillers

I’m getting tired of the usual Cinderella formula used for mostly all movie thrillers. How could this be changed? One way to keep you unsure of a guaranteed happy ending, is giving the controls to you.

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Shareaholic Contains Spyware?

Shareaholic, claiming to be “100% malware free”, exhibits malicious behaviour.

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Splitting Equity Between Founders

Is 30% fair? 40%? How about 60%?
If you’re asking “60% of what?”, that’s a good question.

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Slimy, yet satisfying

“Slimy yet satisfying” is what Simba said in “The Lion King” when forced to feed on worms.

In a way, Microsoft & Oracle are mega-marts for those worm cans.

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Software is just another business. Let’s not start sucking each others’ dicks just yet.

Or the female equivelant.

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The Question of The Address Book

Is there a difference between your GMail contact list and your Facebook friends? When I had to choose one of these sources to use as my phonebook, I had to answer that question for myself, to decisive consequence.

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Green. That’s the color of the dollar

Go Green! Go Green! Now pay up.

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Social White Noise

Online Privacy: The Epidemic. Here’s my rant and proposed solution.

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