of Robotic Servants

There are a bunch of outdatingly sexy commercials from the 50s about the automated kitchen. As is common with prophecies, the depicted kitchen is a classic top-down design with all components seamlessly integrated (and by extension, non-interchangeable).

Today’s kitchen is highly automated already: dishwashers, bread makers, vegetable choppers and smart ovens. Unlike the kitchen of the future vision, it’s a classic bottom up design, meaning components are in variety, each one more multi-use/autonomous than the vision’s counterpart, but on the other hand not allowing a seamless experience (e.g. Can’t transfer content from machine A to B; some “hard problems”, such as inventory monitoring, still unsolved).

Another big difference is that the present, semi-automatic kitchen seems so casual when in fact it is so awesome. As Louis C.K. put it so nicely for flight: “you’re sitting on a chair. IN THE SKY.”

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