Auntrepreuner. Entreprenur. Entrapreuner. I can’t even spell this damn word. If you read some popular Silicon Valley blogs*, you realize that Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are the equivalent of LA’s movie stars and NY’s stock brokers. Everyone wears this hat in an attempt to gain worthless social respect.

* – Actually, some of these bloggers are NY residents. But they spend much time in the valley and reflect the culture that originated there.

I don’t know what “entrepreneur” means anymore. It’s in French or something. What I do know is that right now the size of my paycheck is proportional to my time. I also have the option of being paid proportionally to my talent. I believe I have more talent than time and so I am trying to build my own business to maximize revenue.

I would just as well start a restaurant or a delivery service (coding greasemonkey scripts in my free time). Of course, I’m not opening a restaurant because it seems more difficult. It pays off slower. It might involve practices such as hiring illegal workers to do the manual labor. I would generally expect to work with an uneducated, unexperienced personnel. Most important: It can’t be done from home, on the couch, in underpants.

So I’m going to build a software company. Not something like Twitter or Reddit which is all bells & whistles with no clear revenue model. I’ll focus on building something I can draw a sustainable business model for (although I have to admit, Youtube sounded like a great idea to me.) And that’s all there is to it. A software company is just a company. It sells knowledge instead of processed material. It can grow very fast (or fall very fast), but it’s no different than the hardware store across the street. There’s a good chance the hardware shop was just as challenging a startup.

Call me an entrepreneur. Call me a shop owner. Call me a code chef.

In the end it’s just me.

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Posted Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 under Growing Software.


  1. I like the way you write. It’s personal and poignant.

    One little point about the template you use – in first glance on the homepage it looks as though the small excepts that are displayed are all there is – nothing suggests that it is a small except of a longer article. I would suggest a “read more” link or something similar.
    And also “leave the first comment” link is not really inviting. I don’t want to be the first at anything, I want to have social approval (10 people already commented, and recommend you do the same) :)

  2. Thanks for the input.

    I’ve actually heard of people using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to purchase traffic and commentary. :-)

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